One of our stated objectives is to prioritise safety in all activities, to which end we take a zero-tolerance approach to damage and injuries across the organisation. NSE Bemanning shall efficiently and continually assess measures to avoid injuries to people and damage to the environment or property. The company shall implement measures to prevent health risks, and actively endeavour to achieve an optimal and safe workplace with the overarching aim of:

Zero serious injuries to personnel – Zero damage to the external environment.


  • We shall achieve this by identifying and applying best practices in all business areas, and using products and work methods that provide the maximum benefit for the working and external environment.

  • NSE Gruppen’s personnel shall be happy and feel safe in their workplace, and feel that the enterprise takes their welfare seriously.

  • All levels in NSE Bemanning shall also display a positive attitude to health, safety and the environment by being seen to promote HSE work.

  • NSE Bemanning’s HSE policy involves developing and maintaining a focus on HSE in order to ensure that our vision of zero injuries to personnel and zero damage to the environment is implemented at all levels of the organisation.

  • Quality is achieved by meeting our customers’ requirements and expectations at all times. Achieving continuous improvements and delivering high-quality services and products shall be the overriding philosophy behind everything we do. We shall adopt a zero-tolerance approach to non-conformances relating to quality, health, safety and the environment.

  • Our customers shall be able to recognise our quality by the consistency of all our assignments and the fact that all our projects have a traceable quality that satisfies contractual agreements.

  • As an enterprise, we shall be willing to learn from our own shortcomings and benefit from our principals’ experience.

  • We shall also implement measurable initiatives to achieve our goals.

  • Management’s commitment, and the positive attitudes and active participation of all employees, shall help the company to achieve its ambitious objectives.


  • NSE Industrier uses Soludyne as its HSE/Q system